Michael Jackson ESTA VIVO / The King of Pop is Alive

Keep the faith, It´s all 4 L.O.V.E (english language)

Posted on: 4 octubre, 2011

They say the universe around us is full of energy, fleet and force that is constantly moving at high speed. Sometimes there are people who see it, another does not, and others that hold and turn radiate to others.

Personally, I am seeing right now. More than one would think I’m crazy, I write these words to like it, to want to boast of the mystical that I am. For almost two years I decided to embark on this adventure, a blog on the investigation of the fake death of Michael Jackson.

Personally, what most struck me is the fact that new songs to listen again to the King of Pop not even the possibility of going to one of his concerts. Well, I will not deny that I love that possibility. Actually, what I like most is being able to experience something historical, the triumph of good over evil, of love over hatred, of a human capacity for redemption, to be able to do justice to a cruel world and adverse .

Right now I recognize that I feel that energy. A year ago did not feel the same intensity now. Lately I am realizing that there are a lot of believers who are losing faith. Returning to the subject of the trial. Do not you realize that everything is a pantomime? That does not make sense anything that is being shown. Since the beginning of the process there have been countless contradictions, since it caused the death of Michael Jackson has been a number of clues and inconsistencies that do nothing to think that nothing makes sense. Forget about a picture, an autograph or a sound … stay with the sensations.

I have often argued that when there are thousands and thousands of people around the world united for this cause is because there is a basis on which to believe. It was always said that Elvis was alive and there have been thousands of people defending and believing these theories. But I had never seen a fan base so large that under the same premise have stopped sleeping, they laughed, they wept and remained expectantly.That is the triumph of love for ideals, for an illusion and a desire for justice.

We are getting closer and as the days go by, a desire to see this historic final film will become larger. Enjoy, nobody said that to overcome the negative elements were easy.What no one will dispute is that when people can say “victory”, that feeling will have left a very difficult thing to eliminate a host of people from all continents to celebrate the eternal permanence of LOVE.           An english translation from Javi BF


9 comentarios to "Keep the faith, It´s all 4 L.O.V.E (english language)"

Precioso, Javi…

Pero lo de Cardiff se podra ver en la tele o me tengo k meter en una pagina?
Porque siempre dicen en todo el mundo y luego aqui en España se olvidan y no entendere nada si esta en ingles…

Gracias x el blog,todos los dias me meto para ver si publicas algo más…

Lo puedes ver en la página del Facebook del Tribute. Es por pago. Creo que unos dolares…. 🙂

Pues no lo voy a poder ver si tengo k pagar…ya me enterare x ahi

Me acabo de encontrar con un anuncio en internet interesante. Nuevo album de MJ, “IMMORTAL”…. justo hoy…

quizás me equivoque, pero lo que se, lo comparto con vosotros 🙂

Podria ser el fondo de la imagen en la que sale Jacko el Millenium Stadium de Cardiff, donde es el concierto? Mmmm…


Antes que nada dejanos presentarnos, somos administradoras del blog mjestavivo.blogspot.com y queremos felicitarte por tu blog tan completo y tan informativo, sigamos asi, creyendo que la verdad será revelada algun dia.

También quería comentarte que hay una chica en un blog que anda diciendo cosas negativas sobre los believers o sea los que creen que MJ esta vivo.

Te dejo su pagina para que le dejes un comentario y mostrarle que los believers estamos unidos.


Muchas gracias 🙂 Yo también sigo vuestro blog. Me encanta 🙂



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